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This plugin adds additional transition styles to Pulse, Koken's built-in slideshow player. Pulse is used to present albums and images in nearly all Koken designed themes in addition to all slideshows published in essays. Adding this plugin will allow you to change the transition style used in any theme's slideshow powered by Pulse.

Additional transitions added by this plugin:

  • Cube - Rotates images as if they were attached to a three dimensional cube.
  • Flash - Bright flash of white similar to a camera flash.
  • Flip - Turns images around, like flipping a card.
  • Reveal - Splits apart images to reveal the next.
  • Zoom - Upscales and dissolves images into one another.

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Follow these steps to setup and use the plugin.

Enabling the plugin

After the plugin has successfully downloaded and installed you will be redirected to Settings > Plugins inside Koken. Click the plugin's Enable button to activate the plugin.


After the plugin has been installed, mouseover any Pulse slideshow in Site console and click its edit button. You should then see the additional transition styles in the slideshow edit panel.

Transition pack settings

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If you're designing your own theme, this plugin adds additional attributes to <koken:pulse>. Here they are:

Attribute Type Description
transitions:direction String The direction in which the transition progresses. This property is only used with applicable transition types ("Slide").
transitions:easing String How the assigned transition style starts and ends its animation effect. Options include "Ease Out", "Ease In" and "Ease In and Out".